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Geoffrey Drake-Brockman

Perth, Australia

"Cybernetics Artist"
As a "cybernetics artist", I seek to set up feedback opportunities between expressive machines and human audiences. I build software-enabled automata that support unpredictable ongoing dialogues between viewer and art object.

Robotic and optical public art commissions include; the interactive LED matrix Surface, 2016 at Perth Childrens Hospital, the cosmic ray activated kinetic work Readwrite, 2014, the 11-metre tall spatial robot Totem, 2012 in Perth CBD, the water sculpture Interlace, 2015, the pixel lanterns of Luminous, 2015, the variable portrait matrix Headspace, 2010, the laser installations Translight, 2012, Transfiction, 2005 at the Parliamentary Triangle, ACT and LaserWrap, 2004 in Canberra.

In my TEDx talk Created Beings in Perth, 2013, I set out my programme to create cybernetic machines free to interact creatively, and the mathematical and mythological parameters I have explored in making them.
Wescover creator since 2020

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