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Galvanitas Compass Collection

Zaandam, Netherlands

"The Galvanitas Compass Collection: powerful, timeless and industrial design from Dutch ground."
The original designs of Galvanitas have now been modernized by De Machinekamer into striking and appealing reissues. These reissues together make the Galvanitas Compass Collection. Made with the original moulds and in the colours of today. The Galvanitas Compass Collection has grown with more original Galvanitas furniture, which is being reissued exclusively by De Machinekamer. There is the TD4 table, with the same characteristic calliper leg as the S16 chair. Besides that, there are variants of the S16 with upholstered seat and back, with armrests, and the chair is available as a stackable version. The brothers of the S16, S19 and S21 have also been reissued and the DF28 armchair is available in contemporary colours.
Wescover creator since 2020

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