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Fougeron Architecture

San Francisco, CA

"San Francisco-based architect Anne Fougeron, principal of award winning Fougeron Architecture, embraces architectural opportunities found in opposition, creating buildings that redefine program, reinvent historical building types, and reinvigorate civic centers. Each project is a careful consideration of context, light and structure." - Princeton Architectural Press"
Since 1985, FOUGERON ARCHITECTURE is a nationally recognized design firm whose work exhibits a strong commitment to clarity of thought, design integrity, and quality of architectural detail.

The firm's decidedly modernist attitude is the result of founder Anne Fougeron's vision to create a practice dedicated to finding the perfect alignment between architectural idea and built form. Her work can be defined by three basic tenets:

Architectural space is modulated by the quality and character of natural light.
Innovative use of structure becomes the architectural ornament.
Exploration into the visual and tactile nature of materials enhances how people engage a building.
Ms. Fougeron's keen interest in crossing disciplinary boundaries has led the firm to develop a collaborative creative process that capitalizes on her relationships with craftsmen and artists who are experts in their fields. Contrary to most traditional practices, the firm does not separate between the design and production parts of the work process; preferring to believe that the process of design and innovation must continue through all phases of design and construction.
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