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Fenkraft Resin

Mumbai, India

"Resin Geode and Abstract is what keeps a space vibing"
Hi! I am the organizer and the Artist of Fenkraft, situated in Dombivli (Thane) 2018 I began with resin and making the most of my excursion as a self taught artist. I tried a great deal of items available, put away a ton of cash until I had the plan to make it simpler for all the pitch specialists out there and I chose to establish my own Resin image "FENKRAFT". Presently I offer the most Elegant things concerning Resin Artists and I constantly set up some new patterns (like Geode Artwork). Consistently I consider some new thoughts, current approaches and obviously some new works of art to communicate.
Wescover creator since 2020

Where can you find Fenkraft Resin's Items?