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Federico Tosco Yomuto atelier

Barcelona, Spain

"Unique pieces, memory and reused material."
A object is never just an object. It might serve a purpose, it might be appealing, it could be a utensil or an artefact, it might be well or badly designed. Still, before anything else, an object is a conveyor of meaning.
We invest objects with symbolic significance, they acquire over time storytelling properties; alone the fact that they might be solid enough to last, or precious enough to be cared for, awards them the patina of memories.
As humans we are closely attracted and attached to objects, we need them to navigate life: they are our chance for a better survival.
In our society of over abundance, we forget that in other places and other times, objects were indispensable tools, and the most precious of them had symbolic and totemic roles.
Designer Federico Tosco (Turin, 1983) base in Barcelona work in this project called Yomuto.
The meaning of this word refers to the use of ordinary objects to convey to new forms: the life and perceptions of materials and objects get the inspiration to develop each project, playing with them get us the chance to touch concepts like ready-made and objet trouvé.
The idea is to make extraordinary unique pieces, reusing materials.
Wescover creator since 2021

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