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Erizal As


"Distinct abstract-expressionist practice, rich with texture, movement and and colour to communicate complex, ever-evolving interior worlds."
Erizal As is of the fastest emerging artists in the Indonesian contemporary art scene. He illustrates portraits of faceless figures, adopting aggressive brushstrokes that create a chaotic and dynamic sense of rhythm. Attracted to the natural charm and influential position of the orchestra conductor, he fostered a growing interest in the role of a ‘leader.’ Particularly, Erizal is intrigued by ideas of appearance and how it might diverge from the inner, authentic self. Commenting on the leaders of society today, he offers his insight: “We are not familiar with their true substance, their true face.”

Portraiture, then, becomes an ideal format with which he can express the disconcerting discrepancy between the performed persona and the actual self. Using the pictorial orthodoxy of the traditional portraiture, Erizal challenges the symbolic function of the ‘image’ as a reflection of identity. As viewers of his work, we can feel the human presence and the impression of a face, but fail to make out the details.

Perhaps in line with his themes of authenticity and truthfulness, Erizal never sketches before he paints. Instead, he employs automatic and spontaneous action to render his image. Tapping into his instincts while forgoing the need for a blueprint, he arguably reveals the most authentic and raw side of his artistic practice.

Trained at the Indonesian Institute of Fine Art, Erizal’s past exhibitions include Refiguring Portraiture at Gajah Gallery Singapore, Bakaba #5 (Sakato Art Community), If Time Stopped (Group Exhibition at Gajah Gallery Yogyakarta), Reborn Every Time (Sangkring Art Space), and Indonesian Contemporary Art Exhibition (Beijing).
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