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Erin Westenskow Berrett

Erin Westenskow Berrett

Salt Lake City, UT

"I push myself to be as abstract as possible int he details but still achieve the perception of reality. When I paint, I never blend; instead I place thousands of precise strokes side-by-side, swaths of color that are then translated by the observer. Two inches of canvas viewed from a few inches away might have a hundred strokes that seem to form nothing, but when the piece is considered as a whole, the effect is highly representations, contemporary realism. I price per size, from $1000- $15,000."
I love working as an artist, though I often wonder how much choice I had in
the matter. I’ve always painted, from dabbling with watercolors and pastels
as a child in Salt Lake City to studying abroad and earning my B.F.A. at the
University of Utah.
I’m grateful to those teachers and artists who identified and helped hone
my talent. Talent alone is not enough, of course. That’s why I pack a lunch
every day and log forty hours every week in my studio.
I’m fortunate to have my work regularly displayed in galleries and covered
in the media. A journalist once said that my “treatment of everyday objects
transcends their utilitarian elements.” To me, the objects themselves are
transcendent, which is what I try to capture when I paint.

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