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Eline Martherus

Eline Martherus

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam-based contemporary artist Eline Martherus. Looking back, Eline always expressed best in the application of different materials, has her fingerspitzengefuhl right on form, and the technical feeling was there from an incredibly young age. Physics and maths were understandable to her. However, the realization that all covered subjects and issues quickly became too calculated to visualize, made her interest disappear. It was then when Eline realized she is set out to be creative, for her materials are linked to form and shapes, forms and shapes to colors and textures, and this all intertwined in her mind. Her intuitive way of working is conceptual-driven and follows an organic process with hand-embroidered materials, geometrical shapes, and construction techniques.

She is naturally curious driven about patterns and logic and geometric rules behind this. The intertwining of ostensibly contrasting worlds (geometry versus instinctive organic application and spirituality versus tangibility of materials and application) is what Hu symbolizes. Hu is a symbol for the continuous reinterpretation of universal connotations.

Eline Martherus lives and works in Amsterdam, She is a painter, primarily working with acrylic. She has obtained a diploma in fine Arts. The artist's work has been shown in Amsterdam, London, and Bali.

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