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Eileen Reilly

Eileen Reilly

Toronto, Canada

"Vintage camera image collection"
Photography has always been a passion and involved in some way throughout Eileen Reilly’s career in the arts. This passion began in earnest in high school with photography courses and her very own darkroom. After deciding to focus on academics rather than pursuing a degree in photography, she completed a BA and MA in art history at the University of Toronto where she received the Gordon Cressy Award in Leadership for her work on the Hart House Art Committee. This led to work at the Royal Ontario Museum first as a researcher on Safavid Pottery with her former professor Dr. Lisa Golombek (co-author of Persian Pottery in the First Global Age: The Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries), then documenter for the RenaissanceROM project, and later as a mountmaker and installer. Every position required photography in some aspect; something she also pursued in her own time. Eileen was also able to work with photographers, photography conservators and the photography collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario for 3 years. In 2015 Eileen left her job at an auction house to pursue photography full-time. She is constantly inspired by her home and its creative population.

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