Ed McCullough - Public Sculptures and Public Art
Ed McCullough
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Ed McCullough

Chicago, IL

“Almost all my sculptures are meant to be public works of art. Clearly, I want my pieces to invite people to come inside and be a part of what's there. And in so doing, it's you, the single individual, to whom the work is intended to speak, regardless if you're alone or standing in a crowd.

Arcs, circles, variants thereof: these are the forms I prefer working with. I like how they stake out boundaries, making connections with what's-not- there, open spaces surrounding you.
"What's-not-there" --I go to considerable lengths to define where empty spaces begin, where they end, but, especially, the locations in between: that is where you might be standing, sitting, visiting. The so-called empty spaces come alive when you're in or near them, they cease being where-nothing-is places, and you now own them, as do (so I've been told) they own you --this is the magic I'm after, this is the reason for my work.

Building my pieces is labor intensive and very time consuming. It is, however, the only way I know how to go after the "magic" that's contained in space as I know it.”- Ed McCullough