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Ed Elliott

England, United Kingdom

Ed Elliott is a young and highly innovative sculptor working with a variety of materials, currently concentrating on wood. His large scale figurative work has attracted nationwide attention and helped him to become one of the nation’s leading sculptors in this medium, with public works in six counties.

In Ed’s own words, “Sculpture is a language for me and I aim to create a memorable presence with my work. Finding the right environments for sculpture is crucial in finishing many pieces and making them sing.”

Experimenting with the orthodox notion of removing material to produce form, Ed shows the flexibility that must be mastered to be able to sculpt with wood and allow it to speak. These works have been described as a return to a tangible empathy in sculpture.

Although Ed aims for a good balance between public and private commissions and the creation of original work, he has a preference for site-specific bespoke commissions. Ed rises to the challenge of working with the unique qualities of each particular location to realise the aspirations of individual owners who wish to enhance a specific space.

The result is pure understated ingenuity with a touch of alchemy. Ed’s integrity is uncompromised by the constraints of preconception or the restrictions of a conventional marketplace. His deep affinity with natural materials allows him to create enigmatic sculptures through an evocative interpretation of ideas.

Though very comfortable working with other materials, including bronze, wood holds an elemental fascination for Ed. His distinctive style and elegant simple lines explore the essence of this beautiful organic material, giving the finished pieces an intriguing quality and enduring appeal, whether in an indoor or outdoor setting.
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