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Ebba Chambert

Copenhagen, Denmark

Ebba is a multidisciplinary artist, street artist, painter & tattoo artist.
She lived a nomadic life as a traveling artist for years after she finished Gothenburg art school in 2010, those nomadic years was like a rite of passage for becoming more centered in her artistry.
She is now based and works in Gothenburg, and part time in Denmark.

Ebba's inspiration comes from folk art, history and ancient civilizations, the plant kingdom and experiences of altered states of consciousness thru psychoactive plants.

Ebba's art is celebrating life, beauty, and womanhood.
It takes shape in street art murals, public art, paintings, and black tattoos enhancing the human body.

"I am blessed to be outside of the galleries and the art world's judgemental eyes.
I'm staying on the ground doing what I want,
I am very grateful for other female artists, historically and contemporary, they give me oxygen"

She has studied bodywork, taoism, tantra, meditations, dance,
Ancient rituals and ceremonies, gestalt therapy, sweat-lodge, and other forms of crafts such as ceramics & old school printing techniques.
Wescover creator since 2019

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