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Donna Solovei

Donna Solovei

Cape Town, South Africa

Currently based in Cape Town as a freelance illustrator and artist. She studied at both at Chelsea College of art and completed her BA (Hons) Illustration degree at Camberwell College of art, 2006 in London.
Her interest in everyday objects, patterns and small details have led her to work with various brands, such as Standard Bank, Lalesso and other private clients. Her work and products have been exhibited in numerous countries around the globe.
Donna beholds a refreshing love of nature and animals, which have developed and infused her work. She loves the creation of ideas and process of image-making. Her ability to adapt and versatility allows her to extend her imagination and create dynamic pieces.
She now divides her time between commissioned work, her ever-expanding range of self styled products and original artworks.

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