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Dinesh Boaz

New York, NY

Although now a native New Yorker, I was born in India with deep roots in Sri Lanka. My path to the camera changed when I owned a recording studio in Soho where I worked on producing music artists. While sharing these candid moments for hours layering sound upon sound, I realized I was drawn to the visualization of the music rather than purely the instrumentation. Like the great producers that influenced me, I started to visualize frequencies and harmonics as color palettes, and how each new frequency derived a unique visual tone. For me, it was transformative and I now equate this to the glass of the sound booth changing to the glass of the camera lens.

I now seek out sound in my photos; I look to find those symbiotic patterns and fast changing colors that play together in rhythm, similar to the layers that make up a beat. For me, the art of the image is like a song hitting a cadence right before an impactful moment. It’s all there together and I shoot to find the interplay of the many elements, angles and colors. I look to untangle this tension of changes in photography. Today, my studio is up in the air in a doorless helicopter. The vantage points being constantly evolving and each perspective now produced by tight ‘banking’ downturns, light conditions and crowded streets on the ground. - Dinesh Boaz
Wescover creator since 2019

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