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Diego Romero

Carolina, Puerto Rico

Diego Romero born in 1985 Hato Rey, based in Carolina.
(design, mural, mixed media, music, lead vocals, composer, community engagement)

Motivations: existence, service, enlightenment, beauty, and transformation

Ancestry from Vieques, Santurce, Rio Piedras, Naranjito, and Canovanas. Passionately dedicated to muralism, visual art & music from an early age. Active since 1998 in graffiti & street art in Carolina, and later internationally with an independent approach. Between street and school, he learned from masters like: Thor, Ske, Rosamarie Berrios, Martin Garcia Rivera, Jaime Romano, Susana Herrero, Enrique Garcia Gutierrez, and Rafael Trelles.

From a very rich artistic base, Diego bloomed in diverse art expressions. Music, art & performance have been Romero’s back & forth. Currently, music has taken the top part since he sings with Puya, a Latin-metal legendary band from the island of Puerto Rico

In different opportunities, he has offered art workshops to communities of all ages and backgrounds, and recently he designed and directed a Mural project, painting with inmates in 3 cities of Puerto Rico as their rehabilitation program. He also had produced and co-produced mural projects, collective shows, and live music appearances on the island and abroad in cities like: Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, Austin, and New Mexico.

Art shown at: Philadelphia City Hall, Área: Lugar de Proyectos, CIRCA, ARWI Foundation, Petrus Gallery, Galerías Prinardi, Galería Guatibirí, Galería Francisco Oller, Río Piedras, La Respuesta, Santurce.
Romero is constantly exploring art as language, juxtaposing emblems, and contexts in any opportunity or intervention. His work has a poetical and musical soul to approach creation.
The artist is currently the lead vocalist for Puya, a band that opened up a new trend called: Latin-metal. The band had a comeback in Tattoo Music Fest 2020 at Bogota, Colombia and hopefully toured throughout Latin America.
He had also collaborated with Tepeu, Alkem, Danny Rivera, and some other musical projects. New music coming soon!
Wescover creator since 2020

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