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Désormeaux / Carrette

Désormeaux / Carrette

Paris, France

Nat & Damienhave meet at Design school and we have been working together since then.
They officially launched Désormeaux/Carrette studio in 2014.
We work across a wide range of sectors including: lighting, furniture and consumer goods. Always with
objects at the very heart of our production.
Coming from an industrial design background, we are used to approach objects in term of series.
We always try to challenge processes, to search for the best technique, the ideal material and
use it in an appropriate and innovative way.
Besides our passion for material and processes, our work also reflects a sensitivity for narrative
objects. Beyond the “engineering” approach, we try to bring a powerful emotional charge to our
creations. Through these two creative prisms, our studio questions production, and distills a poetry to
industrial products.

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