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Design by nico

Heemstede, Netherlands

"Design by nico is a unique furniture label passionate about design"
Nicolette de Waart
Designer and Founder

Nicolette de Waart, began her design career more than twenty years ago. After living in Singapore and London for over a decade and traveling extensively, she set up base again in the Netherlands, running her own studio.

She is an acclaimed designer, receiving multiple awards for her organic shaped Leaf Seats and Poppy Bloom Stools.
Her designs are engineered to the needs of modern dwelling places; an ever-changing environment in the way we live and work.
“My handmade products embody a concept of flexibility in modern life and will flourish in any interior: residential, offices and public spaces.”

“My designs are a product of my wanderlust and my awareness of what I am surrounded by."

“I take great pleasure in experimenting, discovering and creating pieces that are beautiful, as well as they are functional with an appreciation for sustainability."

Nicolette de Waart's head office is in the Netherlands but she also runs the business from her London office.
Wescover creator since 2020

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