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Deniz Altug

Mississauga, Canada

Deniz Altug is a self-taught contemporary artist living in Ontario, Canada.  She started to pursue her true passion of art after about 20 years of corporate life in Information Technology. Her artwork can be found in collections in Canada, USA, Europe, Brazil, and Singapore. She is also represented by Galerie Bloom in Montreal, Quebec, and by PI Fine Art in Toronto. 

Deniz's paintings are acrylic on canvas and consist of vivid colors, intuitively applied in layers with a sense of flow and transparency, a balance of energy and calm, a contrast between bold and spacious, resulting in abstract artwork that many describe as uplifting and inspirational, and yet also peaceful. 

"While I love to collect visual inspiration from everyday beauty, nature (most often the sea or florals),  and contemporary design, on a personal level and in my work I am heavily inspired by personal growth and transformation, challenging the "norms", and the quest for an authentic life lived with intent (and I believe in a never-ending journey of learning).  My paintings transpire into being abstract expressions of empowering concepts such as personal strength, freedom, love, compassion, self-belief, discovery, evolution, and the cyclic nature between the obstacles and joys of life (the contrasts in life).  Each of my paintings brings life, inspiration, and motivation into my own world and I love to pass that feeling on to others as well. My goal is to share uplifting energy, liveliness, and empowering inspiration with the viewers and make that feeling resonate with their own life experiences or aspirations".
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