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Defi Gagliardo

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Defi Gagliardo was born in Buenos Aires in 1975.

He studied Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires. His spirit burned beyond the limits of academia creating Fase with three other artists, a multidisciplinary art, design and music collective. Fase was hugely influential in defining the aesthetics and philosophy of early urban art in Buenos Aires in the years following the 2001 Argentine economic crash.

Defi’s work expanded beyond the streets, starting his painting period and entering art galleries. His inicial artwork, which was characterized by the use of bold explosions of color, celebrated spontaneous experimentation and the innocent anarchy of adolescence in compositions that often featured cats characters. His latest pieces are characterized by the use of a closed and repetitive color palette in high-impact abstract compositions, where the meeting of digital thinking and analogous resolution is highlighted.

In the course of his career he has been involved in multiple shows, associated with different galleries. Gachi Prieto, Agalma, Unión and Pasto, all galleries in Buenos Aires; Choque Cultural in Sao Pablo and Galería Rojo in Barcelona. Two important exhibitions took place in Sao Pablo, in the Mueso de Arte y Sonido (MIS) and in the Museo de Arte Moderno (MASP) with other artists like JR, Space Invader, Remed, Jan Kalaba, Chu y Tec. For the last 15 years he is being part of A-part Gallery in London, through which he was able to show his work in Los Angeles, Miami, London and France.

Some of his more notorious clients are Liam Howlett, Paul Smith, Comme Des Garçons and Björk

Currently, he lives and works in Buenos Aires.
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