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Miss Hein Art

New Orleans, LA

Born in Virginia Beach, Virginia as the daughter of a strong mother and an active duty Naval helicopter pilot, Danielle grew up as a citizen of the world. She moved to New Orleans from Orlando and fell in love with the grit and grace of the Big Easy. Danielle has work exhibited in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta, Washington D.C., and Buffalo. Two of her most recent projects are large scale murals in The City That Care Forgot. They are site-specific and deeply inspired by the community. This summer, she worked hard in her first major artist residency, called SALON through the Arts Council New Orleans.

After completing her first public mural in January of 2019, she shifted from the gallery landscape to work focused entirely on the public space. Her vision is to create murals that are both beautiful and representative of the relationships between people and environment of New Orleans. By 2020, her goal is to paint a wall that will change the New Orleans skyline. Follow her journey on Instagram @miss_hein.
Wescover creator since 2019

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