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Daniel Laskarin

Victoria, Canada

"These works emerge from a restless contemplation of everything, and an interest in knowing and not knowing."
After a career as a helicopter pilot/engineer I turned to the visual arts as a field of equal, if dissimilar, danger.

My practice is one of restless contemplation. It is object based, materially and philosophically rooted. It is an investigation of our experience of objects as other bodies and of the ways in which art may give sensory experience to consciousness, creating a bridge between substance and ineffability.

Understanding that the “expanded field” is utterly blown apart, my work makes things that stay together, that find their own order in a condition of disorder, and that at the same time remain unsettled. This work uses diverse media, drawn from industrial materials and processes, sometimes incorporating photography and video, optics, robotics systems, installation and sound. I have been involved with set design, public image projections, and large scale public commissions in the Pacific Northwest.

I have exhibited across Canada and internationally and currently teach sculpture at the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Victoria in western Canada.
Wescover creator since 2020

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