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Daniel Boddam

Sydney, Australia

"The Daniel Boddam Studio specialises in creating calm, refined living spaces with personality. Each project embraces the Studio’s philosophy of considered simplicity. Our projects seek to amplify our client’s lifestyles, whilst responding to the local environment. We believe in creating comfortable and functional homes that make you feel inspired and relaxed."
Both my parents are architects and I grew up staring at material samples from under the table; I was in awe of the construction sites we lived in and visited. From an early age, I knew I wanted to design furniture and all my favourite designers were architects, so I studied architecture with the intention of designing holistic environments.

I founded my eponymous studio to create functional and elegant living spaces, combining the disciplines of architecture, interior design and furniture design. Considered simplicity is at the core of everything I do. My aim is to connect people with nature through their environment and to elevate their lives.

Design Process

My architecture projects normally start with an understanding of the clients and the site, which sets a narrative for the design. I like to think in terms of the materials (which are the main ingredients of each project) and how best to honour them. The design process is explored through hand-drawn concept sketches on butter paper which is then developed into a 3D working model on the computer. The furniture design normally starts with a curiosity, inspired by the landscape, built environment and artists that influence my work. In each piece, I try to instill depth and meaning through a layering of influences. Then I follow a similar process to my architecture projects by producing hand-drawn sketches, computer modelling and construction drawings.
Wescover creator since 2020

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