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Corn Shuk Mei Ho

London, United Kingdom

Often psychological, my paintings delve into deeper levels of human innermost states of mind. I create atmospheric, melancholic paintings conjuring up feelings of dislocation. I wish to draw the viewer into an imaginative and uncanny world by applying layered paints on various flat objects to connect with memory related subjects.

​In recent works Night Swims Series (2017-2020), I present a body of work influenced by late night swimming. The endless darkness with its subtly differing shades of blackness provided the initial inspiration for the series. The characters in the paintings are depicted as though they are nocturnal creatures, their postures invoking feelings of isolation, solitude, uncertainty, and fear. Their emotions are mirrored by the reflections cast on the surface of the dark waters, drawing a line of correlation between water as a physical element and as a symbol for the depths of the human psyche.
Wescover creator since 2020

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