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Coral & Tusk
Coral & Tusk

Coral & Tusk

Brooklyn, NY

"A fascination with home and habitat informs every design Coral & Tusk creates, from finding inspiration in how a bowerbird builds his nest to considering what keepsakes and furnishings we surround ourselves with in our own dwellings."
Coral & Tusk's extensive line of embroidered pillows, fabric, table and gift items began with a single embroidery machine in Stephanie’s Brooklyn apartment. As we’ve expanded our line to include geometric designs and fabric by the yard, Stephanie’s hand-drawn, machine-embroidered illustrations remain our connecting thread. Every Coral & Tusk design begins as an original pencil drawing by Stephanie, summoned from her observations and imagination. She then re-draws each design stitch by stitch using specialized computer software. Fine but not precious, a Coral & Tusk pillow, artwork or accessory is sure to entertain daily and provide enjoyment for generations.
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