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Codie Oconnor

Austin, TX

My name is Codie and I am an abstract painter with a studio based in Austin, TX. Growing up I always found myself gravitating towards the visual arts as the most natural means of my own expression. Later, at the College of Charleston, I earned a BFA in Arts Management with my sights set on spending my days working in galleries, installing curated collections of art, and picking up my own paint brushes at home. In 2017 I began painting full-time, maintaining a steady output of commissioned and series paintings, murals, and other goods.

My studio practice is very much ingrained into my lifestyle. I function out of a live work studio space where you’ll most likely find me in my overalls listening to Neil Young, opening all the windows, and drinking tea while waiting for paint to dry. There are very few routine days in my studio, some days are spent stretching canvas to their frames, others are priming and adding layers + layers of gesso to get the texture just right so I can finally start building the painting, others are emails and boxing up work. But almost every day ends up with me getting paint in my hair.
Much of my current work is a response to my travels, being in nature, listening to music, and energy channeled through the meditation of colors, blended with organic shapes and lines. This style of painting feels like the truest representation of what’s going on in my mind. I always say, if I can inspire people to transition into that child-like cloud watching, finding images and stories in everything mentality, I’d feel fulfilled.

I build collections around these inspirations that are released when the idea or the inspiration feels fully formed. The best way to stay up to date on a collection release is to sign up for my newsletter below or follow along via my Instagram account
Wescover creator since 2020

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