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San Diego, CA

Coco is an interdisciplinary artist and designer drawn to the relationship between people and their environment. Art and illustration are a reflection of the environment from certain perspectives. Design is the visual and physical organization of information that addresses certain needs at different scales. Murals can play a role in both — creating an engaging and interactive space.
Growing up, Coco could always be found with a pen in one hand and a sketchpad in the other. She was well known as a dreamer and a prolific artist. In high-school Coco’s artistic path began to take shape. She was introduced to software such as Photoshop, which opened up a whole new world of artistic possibilities.
While attending the University of Hawaii Manoa, she discovered Polynesian tattoo art. She integrated this symbolic and meaningful form into her own artistic approach. She’s deeply inspired by the Polynesian connection between art with storytelling and cultural meaning. This experience took Coco’s artistic development into a brand new direction. She started to dive into other cultural art forms such as Indian mehndi and Japanese tattoo designs.
At just 21, Coco delved into the art scene and started sharing her art with the world. She has since had independent art shows, murals, and had a design featured on a limited Bucketfeet shoe! Coco loves to collaborate with other artists on an international level. While she loves traveling, she also likes to stay close to her local scene.
Coco’s unique and distinctive artistic approach centers on the female form. She’s passionate about capturing the sensual and evocative nature of women. Currently, Coco is working on a variety of new projects, including illustrations, paintings, and murals and pursuing a degree in Interior Architecture.
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