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Clay by Tina

VIC, Australia

I took up pottery in late 2014 and learned the craft from Julian Centofanti and the wonderful team at Carlton Arts Centre. The mindful act of creating something from nothing makes pottery one of those things that has captured my imagination. Combined with my enthusiasm for plants and colour, my ceramics offers an insight into what I love about the world.

I spent a lot of my life studying and I have degrees in biomedicine, journalism and international development; but despite years of study I actually feel most comfortable on a pottery wheel.

In late 2016 my father retired and moved to a hobby farm in rural Victoria. I quickly commandeered half of the two car garage at the farm and with his help turned it into a functioning studio. I've poured my savings and my heart into creating my ideal work space. From my wheel I can see into the garden where the chooks and turkeys wander, I can watch our llamas and cows in the paddock.

Since then I have moved to my own property with a studio on sight. I am deeply affected by my surrounds so have cultivated a lovely garden, and make the most of my countryside surroundings for inspiration.

Since March 2016 I have been a full time potter and have learned a great deal about ceramics, running a small business and myself. Clay has given me a life beyond my wildest dreams, for that I am grateful and hope I can only pass that forward in my work.
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