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City Wood - Tables and Furniture
City Wood
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City Wood

Memphis, TN

At CityWood, our mission is to create beautiful pieces of furniture from trees that were destined for less.

Located in the Memphis, TN area, we work with local tree services to save trees that are bound for the landfill or a chipper and turn them into generation-lasting pieces of furniture.

Furniture building starts at the cut selection on the log itself to bring out the true beauty and potential of the wood. We work directly with tree service companies and homeowners to make sure the tree is carefully removed in the best way possible for future milling. Once the logs are brought to our facility, we use our sawmills to re-purpose them into lumber for building furniture. We have a wide variety of trees including oak, walnut, cherry, pecan, and other great species. Our largest mill is able to handle logs that are 52 inches in diameter and 24 feet long, creating beautiful single slabs of wood that can be used for tables, bar tops, countertops and more.

It's CityWood's mission to not let the life of a beautiful tree end at the dump. When a tree is removed, we are there to save it and recreate it into something that can be enjoyed and passed down for generations to come.

- Matthew Wrage (Raw-gee)