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Christy Frank

Nashville, TN

I began painting as a hobby back in college while pursuing my degree in biology. That course of study probably has something to do with my infatuation with nature. It is an endless source of wonder and is constantly showing us new scenes begging for the canvas. The ever-changing textures and vivid colors that make up our world are impossible to ignore. I’m lucky to live in Nashville’s rich art community with my husband, Rob, and our wonderful pups, Biscuit and Waffles.

Art is beautiful and should be admired, but it doesn’t have to just go on the wall. It can be as humble as a coaster or a soap dish; the important part is that you love it. While I specialize in acrylic paint and resin on canvas, I love exploring new techniques and materials that make art approachable and make it a part of everyday life.
Wescover creator since 2020

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