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Christopher Joseph Gonzalez - Paintings and Art
Christopher Joseph Gonzalez
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Christopher Joseph Gonzalez

Fort Worth, TX

"Christopher Joseph Gonzalez has always had a passion for music and culture, something he likes to incorporate into his artwork. His artwork infuses classic pop art elements with realism portraiture. His paintings of pop culture icons are impressive for their detailed likeliness of the subjects, whilst adding a layer of intensity thanks to Christopher’s extensive use of vibrant tones and hues.

Painting wasn’t always his primary focus; Christopher was always artistic but when he was younger, his pieces were predominantly sculpture and illustration. It wasn’t until he was in his 20s that he developed his distinctive painting style. He draws inspiration from some of the art worlds greatest talents: from Andy Warhol, his iconic vision; from Vincent Van Gogh, his use of color and unique brush strokes; and from Jackson Pollock, his daring and boundary-breaking. These artists are all discernible influences on Christopher’s work."