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Christine Cover
Christine Cover

Christine Cover

Kansas City, MO

"I use layers of colorful, thinned acrylic to capture a feeling and bring movement and life to any space."
Christine Cover is a Kansas City-based artist working in historic Strawberry Hill. Cover uses thinned acrylic and/or watercolor to layer colors of varying opacity. After recent experiments with large format acrylic paintings on raw canvas, she has become increasingly interested in how a particular space is perceived and inhabited, then abstracted in to lines and forms like those on a map. Cover's paintings represent a dialectic between artist and environment, between the sensory/affective encounter with a 3-dimensional field and the shapes, colors, curves, intersections, and negative space that comprise its 2-dimensional depiction. The final rendering maps the intersection of these two experiences onto a visual plane, mirroring back to the viewer an entirely new way of engaging with the original space.
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