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Christina Thomas' Art

Christina Thomas' Art

Santa Monica, CA

Christina Thomas, a California native, aka @somethingsparkley was born on Christmas Eve in 1985. As a child Thomas would make clever inventions out of any materials she could get her hands on. By age 11 she was already drawing accurate portraits from photographs. Throughout her school years, art classes were her main interest and by the end of high school she had produced a full body of work and been featured in juried shows. Thomas went on to The Art Center Design College in Arizona where she majored in Graphic Design and Fine Art and learned everything from photography to metalwork. Always seeking to expand, she later attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where she became a certified Interior Decorator.

She currently resides in Santa Monica with her cat, Gem, and is looking to also branch out into fashion design. Her artwork has been featured in galleries around California, including Bergamot Station in Santa Monica.

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