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Brussels, Belgium

"The artist’s method represents a mark of recognition in her works. There are many aspects that distinguish it, such as the predominance of color and a careful analysis of the expressive details. Faces are by definition the fulcrum of those who look at the work, the poetics of the image shines through from the looks that Chanterax always manages to capture, not only in verisimilitude, but as an expression of a feeling and a passion. An identity that has become a distinctive trait and that Chanterax has been able to draw from her passion for art; an original technique that revolutionizes the work of art. A work of meticulousness and tenacity, skillfully operated with a high precision technique that over time has been refined more and more. Her expressive capacity elects her as a singular an elegant Pop portraitist, choosing to create works with which she comes into harmony and which she feels she can best interpret, a rare characteristic that implies an awareness of herself and the investigate research of the other. Each of them is a choice that concerns shape, cut, color, drawings."
Wescover creator since 2020

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