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Cera Cerni

Lagos, Nigeria

Cera Cerni provides decorative services in the form of wall painting and drawings to homes, offices, hotels, beautiful houses and salons, schools, baby rooms, bridges, and general outdoor designs. Wall mural is a new and fast-growing sector of the interior decoration field. And CeraCerni intends to capitalize on the success of this industry by taking advantage of wall design opportunities in Lagos Island and farther.

The creative artist, Sarah Sanni has been operating the Cera Cerni Company. She has selected a small team with extensive mathematical, sales, and marketing skills, all of whom will be invaluable to the new venture.
Cera Cerni has worked in schools like Ivy Montessori and Heritage schools (one of the new and leading schools) in Abuja- handling all the cartoon drawings, likewise in the Kebbi state of Nigeria. Cera Cerni has had the opportunity to design the poolside of the hotel, game houses, offices, private homes and salons in the Lagos Island suburb. From desk and field market research carried out on some clients, it is clear that there is considerable potential in the wall design business. Cera Cerni has a substantial opportunity to dominate the Island region.
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