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Callie Art

Brooklyn, NY

"A visual expression of my journey."
Hirsch comes from the mountainous area of Rockland County New York, and currently resides in Brooklyn. A sweet mix of wildlife and city life, the work speaks with lively energy and motion, numerous stories being revealed. Based deep in natural themes, each painting displays a thoughtful playfulness found in the honesty of seeking out mysteries, the unearthing of ideas. An appropriation of forest and trees, the earth’s bountiful colors are brought to surface in the artwork. A variety of mediums are used and surfaces including inks on paper, oil on canvas, and acrylic on mannequins. Hirsch’s most recent work utilizes iridescent acrylics on black etch paper. The depth that the blackness creates is like that of space, with each dot applied being a source of energy. Cells are shown merging, separating and evolving into an array of life forms.
Wescover creator since 2018

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