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C. Shana Greger - Murals and Art
C. Shana Greger
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C. Shana Greger

Brevard, NC

Originally from Connecticut, I earned my BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, incorporating an exchange to Parsons in New York (1980). I’ve been working as a professional artist since, starting out as a freelance illustrator for publishing, editorial and design markets- doing everything from computer graphics for the Bank of Boston to exhibition graphics for museum design; op-ed illustration for the Boston Globe; magazine illustration; court-room drawing; designing figurines for Disney ... to being an artist on an archaeological dig in Jordan. All this led to a round of teaching: guest lecturing, college level instruction and workshops.

By 1990, I settled into children’s trade and textbook illustration and also began doing my own writing, focusing on multicultural and creation story themes. My previous books for children are published by Houghton Mifflin Co: Cry of the Benu Bird- An Egyptian Creation Story (1996), The Fifth and Final Sun- An Ancient Aztec Myth of the Sun’s Origin (1994) which received the Scientific American Young Reader’s Book Award and The Boy Who Spoke Colors written by David Gifaldi (1993). I also moved to New Mexico, drawn by its multicultural flavor, the Southwest landscape and its spiritual aspect. It was here that I discovered that my artistic process is my practice.

Having learned the lessons of the jagged mountains, I came back east to the soft comforting green of western North Carolina where I've lived since. I've exhibited my Waterfall paintings through Asheville’s Blue Spiral 1/New Morning Gallery among others since 2001. I've also done Public Arts Commissions: 2- 300 sq ft murals enhance the children’s section of the Greensboro Public Library: Vision Quest: An Ancient and Modern Interpretation (1998). I’ve regularly shown my original illustrations and continue marketing my books, particularly Tara, a multi-faceted collection based on the female aspect of the Buddha and her 21 desirable qualities. This work was born in the desert and finished in a rainforest.

Now, as my long association with the Waterfall is ending, the Picnic Tables and my new Bird series are providing a transition to an in depth exploration of the symbolism of the Tree of Life, long incubating but currently in planning phases.