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Bruno Billio - Sculptures and Art
Bruno Billio
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Bruno Billio

Toronto, Canada

Bruno Billio is a Canadian artist working from an interdisciplinary background. At once an installation artist, a sculptor, and a designer, Billio creates challenging works informed by his command of each of these practices.
Bruno Billio’s artistic practice is informed by the active displacement and staging of the found object, a contemporary art strategy with a historically established lineage. The everyday is reinterpreted through its spatial and contextual re-appropriation by the artist, who presents himself by proxy as both an interventionist and an inventor. By de-familiarizing the everyday object, Billio effectively reinterprets the material and social
valence of the object in space. Whether it’s the object’s utility or physical context that is thrown into question in his installations, Billio forces the viewer to confront the fragility of material determinism and the utilitarian dictates of the familiar commodity. The conventional use of the commodity is literally evacuated when sculpturally monumentalized as installation. Thus, Billio’s practice is at once an emptying of meaning and a renewal of the proscribed object.
The architectural tendencies in Billio’s work are revealed in the structural play and whimsy of many of his installation pieces. Whether a fireplace seemingly elevated by women’s shoes, or columns of books creating literal textual armatures in an interior, the ironic negotiation of utility, culture, and aesthetic is always seemingly at the forefront of the artist’s imagination.