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Bois et Fer - Tables and Chairs
Bois et Fer
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Bois et Fer

San Sebastián, Spain

Bois et Fer could have been born on any given evening and in any place, but he was born one winter afternoon and in a home in San Sebastian. This is how Bois et Fer came about.

We wanted a piece of furniture that reflected our style, our character and ultimately our way of life. That's why we were clear about what the materials were going to be; on the one hand the wood, with its texture and its warmth and on the other hand the iron, firm and robust. With these two elements we create our first table.

One day we wanted to share our experience, designing furniture adapted to each taste, to each corner and to each story, creating pieces made to measure, with simple, timeless and contemporary lines.
That day, the day we imagined furniture for life, Bois et Fer was born.

<We offer the experience of creating a unique furniture for your home>