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Bob Doster's Backstreet Studio

Lancaster, SC


Bob Doster was born and grew up in Lancaster SC. Oldest of six children himself and five younger sisters into a family of high achievers. Bob had his first exposure to art from his grandmother who was a Sunday afternoon painter. Then in his father's sculptural steel shop where he let Bob play with a blow torch at the age of 8, from then on he was hooked with the sculpture bug. After graduation from high school he married and had two children by the age of 19, then opened a grocery store. For the next five years he worked 16 hrs. a day 7 days a week to make a success of the business. He then sold the store and went back to school. Where he earned his MFA from Clemson and a BFA from the University of South Carolina. Bob's career spans forty three years as a working sculptor with art work placed world wide and he has taught more than 150,000 students aged 4 to 80 as a visiting teaching artist with the SCAC helping students create sculptures for themselves or as a legacy gift for their schools in the two Carolina's and Illinois.
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