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Ben Pierce

Ben Pierce

Cape Girardeau, MO

"modern. simple. honest."
Benjamin Pierce was born and raised in rural Missouri, the son of a bricklayer. Hard work and honesty were instilled very young. Ben served 4 years in the military, returned home to Missouri to complete a bachelors in Fine Art at Southeast Missouri State University.
Ben's work has always been inspired by architecture: "Growing up on a job-site, watching my dad build houses always fascinated me. How much work gets put into the making of a family home and how much of those details are overlooked. I wanted to make something people would notice."
As part of growing up in rural area Ben spent a lot of time outside playing in wooded areas or by creeks and rivers. This past love of the natural worl has found its way into his work in a profound way. Namely, plants and the way they grow and react to sunlight. There is so much inspiration and beauty in nature. Using this inspiration has added a fluidity to Ben's artwork and a softness-often mimicking movement.
The theme of a circle is a recurring subject his work as well. As a symbol it can mean infinity- no beginning or end, as a wedding ring- a symbol of eternal love. Circles can also enclose/frame space. Pierce capitalizes on this form and makes it a keystone in his designs.

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