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Atticus Adams

Pittsburgh, PA

"My work is inspired by summers with my grandmother - going in and out of her screen door"
Hope is at the core of his art, and may be emblematic of recycling per se. “Making something beautiful out of something mundane or even ugly is really what I’m trying to do with my art,” he says. “When it’s successful, I think it shows how bleakness or blight c

Atticus grew up in West Virginia, steeped in traditional folk art. Several members of his family were self-taught artists, deeply involved in such crafts as wood carving and quilting. “Making tangible objects is definitely part of my family heritage,” he says. “I come from a tradition of using basic, easily available materials for creative outlets.” “Metal mesh is a beautiful, flexible material that allows you to explore shadow and transparency in endless ways,” he says. “The material lends itself to these biomorphic shapes, which aren’t necessarily intentional . . . The sculptures seem fragile but are actually quite resilient—like nature itself.”
Wescover creator since 2019

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