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Portland, OR

"Breathing life into interiors"
Driven my a passion to give her clients a better environment, Ashton can adapt her expertise to all types of projects both residential and commercial. She has a strong focus on connecting with the local community and collaborating on projects large and small. Whether the job calls for custom design, popular design, or a balance of the two, she knows what to do. Her abilities range from research, concept, design development and drawings to execution. She believes interior design improves and elevates a space while catering to the needs of the end-user. Ashton blends her design knowledge and originality with the style preferences of her clients. Her aspirations are to create interiors that "move" people, affecting them in a positive way.

Is there an essential mix of talents you need to create a space?

"One who designs for others must listen very closely. Not only to the obvious, but also the not-so-obvious. Body language his huge. To notice if someone is uncomfortable in the layout of a space, or the selection of materials, and furnishings; it's worth taking note. Other talents would be the ability to communicate well, be extremely organized, work well under pressure, and always look at the big picture when working on even the smallest details of a project."

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