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Ashley Seil Smith - Paintings and Art
Ashley Seil Smith
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Ashley Seil Smith

New York, NY

I’m an illustrator, painter, and printmaker with a BA in cultural anthropology and MFA from the School of Visual Arts. Find me working from home in Manhattan, New York, or escaping the city with dogs in tow to my studio in the lower Hudson Valley.

I grew up one of five girls in southern California and the conservative south, which led me to ask questions in adulthood about feminism, intersectionality, interculturalism and privilege. My personal - and much of my editorial work - centers around these themes, though I also work on much lighter commercial projects and generally try not to take myself too seriously. I have a soft spot for the environment and animal welfare, which I believe are deeply connected to issues of culture.

My artistic process explores both figuration and abstraction, with consideration of how these elements work together to convey meaning both explicit and implied. I embrace all artistic tools, including digital and traditional, and frequently use a variety of media.