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Arlan Huang - Wall Hangings and Art
Arlan Huang
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Arlan Huang

New York, NY

“Arlan Huang was born (1948) in Bangor, Maine and raised in San Francisco. He currently resides in New York City. A painter and sculptor, his labor-intensive handwork compliments his seemingly simple and elegant forms.

Arlan has designed public works of art for the National Endowment for the Arts and has created permanent glass sculptures for the New York City Percent for the Arts Program and the New York Dormitory Authority, many among other New York City institutions.

Recently, Arlan returned to his first love – painting. Arlan has been enjoying the luxury of moving oil paint and being “in” the painting in solitude. Painting provides a counterpoint to his glass blowing activities, a social, team-oriented process. Each medium nurtures the other in their seemingly opposite approach.
"My passion is painting. My paintings are abstract. My ideas come from everything I know and don't know. All my work is centered by what Allen Ginsberg called, "the dearness of the vanishing moment." Ohh! And I blow glass." - Arlan Huan”