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Ari Hauben Art

Boston, MA

Ari Hauben is a contemporary artist based in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood. His work consists of multimedia works, which cover a broad spectrum of topics, styles, and materials. He is a member of the Fort Points Art Community, and his art has been shown throughout Boston, including at the Grand Opening of the Art of Americas Wing at the Museum of Fine Arts.

Ari’s current style predominantly involves newspaper, epoxy, spray paint, and layering techniques that are integrated into a variety of visual platforms. Often times he constructs the images within his pieces using newspaper print from relevant articles for the dual purpose of creating meaning for the work, as well as adding an element of perspective. This is because as the viewer gets closer to the artwork, the words begin to appear, giving the work added texture and revealing its underlying theme. This technique is a unique process that he created through trial and error, happy accidents, and hours and hours of work. Although this style has been his latest muse, he is continually searching for ways to push boundaries and expand his art into new territories.

The idea of form meeting function was born out of Ari’s belief that art can be both meaningful and aesthetically pleasing, something he embraced while getting his BFA in industrial design from RIT. He continued to explore and refine his style and skill set while getting his MFA from BU. As a result of his experiences in both Industrial design and fine arts, Ari believes in not limiting himself to any one process or material. Instead, he simply reaches for a solution that feels right for each individual piece of work. Thus, Ari leaves no stone un-turned in creating art that represents not only his experiences, but those society at large as well.
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