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APARAT by Olga Naiman - Interior Design and Renovation
APARAT by Olga Naiman
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APARAT by Olga Naiman

Brooklyn, NY

I work confidently across the design spectrum from concept to shoot, consulting brands for visuals reboots, styling catalogs, set design, editorial, and advertising. I take on many roles and i love them all. My design work includes restaurants, homes, showrooms and pop-ups.
In my personal life, i explore the edges of consciousness via meditation and feeling into what is just over the horizon. I am fascinated by visionary spaces. In my commercial life, i incorporate sensory experience and go beyond it. Expectation is subverted. Illusion is woven into spaces and experiences. Space is used to tell potent stories. And stories convey the purpose of a brand.

Olga Naiman founded APARAT in 2003. Her background in theatrical set design (ma from central st. Martin’s, London) makes her keenly aware of how art, interior design, light and sculpture can coalesce into something extraordinary. Her event design work has been awarded best party of the year by folio magazine. Her apartments have been featured in both Domino Magazine and Vogue.