Antoine Merger - Murals and Art
Antoine Merger

Antoine Merger

Perpignan, France

"I decided to become a painter once I realised the truth: there is no spoon"
Antoine paints from prepared sketches using brushes mixing acrylic and fluorescent acrylic paint lit together by daylight and blacklite so this artist can adjust colors' shade and brightness
to be equivalent in both flashes of lightning. She says, "Fluorescent paint is like Liquid Light, this concept alone is my greatest inspiration and the reason why I paint. Being a virgo, I also tend to enjoy as hard as possible technical challenges, in other words: Why make it simple when you can make it complicated. Beyond its "special effects" aspects (night/day difference) fluorescent painting is an incredibly hard process to master. I see fluorescent painting as a technology that gives the artist the possibility of bringing back to our world testimony from the shamanic realm.​"

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