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West Palm Beach, FL

"In murals and in life, I like to empower others to pick up a paintbrush and work together. Through the experiential act of co-creation, it becomes easy to appreciate the diversity in each triangle’s shape, color and size, to ultimately grasp how each one, regardless of appearance, is imperative to the integrity of the whole composition. My objective is to remind others, if only for a few minutes at a time, of our interconnection to all living things."
Telling stories is a main component to anón’s work, and he uses the most basic shape —the triangle— to tell these stories. The idea of non-separation is communicated through the simplicity of the triangle, as with this shape all shapes are achievable —all forms can bring forth their life. Thus, the artist name anón is foremost a representation of our interconnection to all things, small and large. By utilizing triangles to create three-dimensional shapes, the viewer is invited inwards to question and further consider their own makeup.

He currently works in two formats using triangles: paper art, and a community mural style in which people work together to create large scale murals. As a paper artist, Anón painstakingly cuts out cardstock triangles by hand to create dynamic compositions. For both he works with photorealistic portraiture and organic shapes found in nature that rely on colors and angles to communicate depth.
Wescover creator since 2020

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