Anne-Louise Ewen - Paintings and Murals
Anne-Louise Ewen

Anne-Louise Ewen

Los Angeles, CA

Anne-Louise Ewen
Born 1976, New Orleans

Lives and Works in Los Angeles and New Orleans

Los Angeles based artist Anne-Louise Ewen’s work includes paintings, prints, drawings, sculpture, and books.

Ewen grew up in a small town on the Mississippi River in South Louisiana known for the beauty of its antebellum architecture and its proliferation of toxic chemical plants. She moved to Los Angeles in 2005 from New Orleans following the upheaval of Hurricane Katrina.

Long before that, in the summer between second and third grade, Ewen met one of her first art mentors in a chance encounter and spent that summer learning the fundamentals of drawing with charcoal, a formative experience which established visual art as a core element of her life.

As a teen, she attended the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts (a magnet boarding school) concentrating on a curriculum of fine art, and then spent two years studying figure drawing, printmaking and painting in Paris, France. In her college years, she pursued a degree in philosophy and founded The Donaldsonville Art Colony, a collective of painters, writers, musicians, and filmmakers, an experience she drew from years later when she launched an independent art gallery in Costa Mesa, CA in 2007.

In the current time of deep unrest in the United States, Ewen wrestles to make paintings that she personally and viscerally finds beautiful while not being in denial of the dark realities we are facing as a society.

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