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Anna Wray

Cambridge, United Kingdom

I am an Illustrator living and working in Cambridge, UK. Drawing, an economy of line, colour and characterization are central to my work, as is visual humour and quirkiness, along with a respect and love of mid century art and design. I combine selling editioned prints via galleries across the UK along with commissions for a range of clients which include, The Independent, Warby Paker, BBC History, WIRED Magazine, Covent Gardener Magazine, The BBC, Computer Arts Magazine, Tesco, Next, Bloomsbury, Ivy Press, National Magazine company, IPC Magazines, Yellowtail wines and a number of collaborations with design agencies. I have a degree in Fine Art (CheIsea College of Art) and an MA in Printmaking (Cambridge School Of Art).

I have also published 2 books on design and illustration 'Handmade Graphics: Beyond the Mouse', published by Rotovision and 'This Belongs to me' published by Ivy Press
Wescover creator since 2019

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